Adam Scott, Ph.D.
McDonnell Genome Institute
Washington University

Welcome! I have made this website to provide highlights of my career.

HotSpot3D has been published in Nature Genetics (2016*06*13)! Links and details on the Work page.

I updated my CV and resume (2016*03*23).

I released a Python package, BioMine, that implements a variety of bioinformatics web APIs (2016*03*21)! Check it out at PyPI or GitHub.

I am interested in using computational tools to address scientific problems. I am a postdoctoral research associate at the McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University. I obtained my doctorate in physics at the University of Missouri at St. Louis (co-op with Missouri University of Science and Technology) with the dissertation, "Speciation Dynamics of an Agent-based Computational Evolutionary Model in Phenotype Space". Above, you will find links to my CV/resume, some samples of my work, a short biography about myself, and several ways to contact me. I have constructed this website to provide as many links to my professional career as possible. Therefore, I have included links to my lab, department, and current university in the list at the top.

I provide tutoring for high school and undergraduate students in physics within the St. Louis, MO metro area. For tutoring requests/questions, please contact me via email.


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